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Weekly Reading Review #2 July 19, 2013

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Not as much reading this week, our household seems to finally be on the mend from the epidemic sinus infection that struck right as we returned home from vacation so that resulted in housework being done. A bit of work on our kitchen was done too. Slowly, but surely, my kitchen is becoming workable again! Our new appliances arrived, and I’m tickled pink over them. I NEVER imagined I would be so excited about kitchen appliances. Amazing how much changes when you DON’T have appliances to use. Hopefully, our cabinets will arrive soon too! Anyway, back to reading. Made a trip to the library again this week. Without the toddler, too! In and out in five minutes. Sometimes, it’s spectacular to have quick jaunts to the library. I am looking forward to getting back into our library routine soon though! He’s staying with my mom a lot this summer. Our kitchen being down and she’s out for summer break result in lots of Grammy-Punky sleep overs. Ladybug is as jealous as an infant can be. I think she enjoys her just me and mama time, though. I can tell she misses her brother by the way her face lights up when he comes home, though!

The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory. 2 stars. I tried so hard to like this, but it was just okay. Margaret Beaufort is a horrendous protagonist. See my review for more information.

Matched by Ally Condie. 4 stars. I really enjoyed this book! I couldn’t put it down (despite Ladybug’s best efforts when I had 100 pages left!). I haven’t decided if I’m going to review just Matched or the whole series yet. Depends on how Reached goes.

The Day the Rain Came by Allia Zobel Nolan. 3 stars. It’s cute, it really is, but I feel like it could be more for a kids’ book. My son LOVES this book right now. He loves the interactive parts and we read it several times this week. He also sat and “read” it to himself a few times, too.

The Berenstain Bears On the Moon by Stan and Jan Berenstain. 3 stars. This was one of our bedtime stories my son selected this week. He was so proud at pointing to the moon and telling me, “Moon, mama!” I enjoyed reading this with him, especially since he’s going through a bit of an aeroplane and moon obsession. We have to stop and look for the areoplane or helicopter when he hears one coming close to flying over when we’re outside. He proudly points to the moon when he sees it and is sad when it can’t come inside with us.

Crossed by Ally Condie. 3 stars. As much as I loved the fast paced, Matched, Crossed was really lacking. It wasn’t anywhere near as action packed or as enjoyable. If I abandoned books/series lightly, I might have abandoned this one. But I felt obligated to see it through because of the way Matched touched me. I also want to see where the story goes. I have a love-hate relationship with love triangles, and I have to admit I’m intrigued who Cassia will end up with. Right now, I’m fully Team Xander.

Currently Reading:
Reached by Ally Condie. I just started it this morning, so no real comment thus far.

A Million Stars by Beth Revis. I got sucked into Matched and haven’t gotten as far into this as I would’ve liked. So far, it’s as good as Across the Universe was.

New to my shelf:
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. As much as I’ve heard about it and Cinder, I went ahead and requested it so I had it on hand for once I finished Cinder via the library.
Everneath by Brodi Ashton via the library.
Hereafter by Tara Hudson via the library.
The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory via the library


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