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Top Ten Tuesday #13: Book Turn-offs October 1, 2013

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Each week, the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish think up a fun theme for the week and participating bloggers around the net join in. The theme for this week is:

Top Ten Book Turn-offs

If this is in the book, c-ya. Not sticking around for this.

1. Divorce. Nope. Don’t want to read about it.

2. Abuse. Really? Why?

3. Cheating. Not dignifying this with an answer.

4. Religion. To each his own, not getting it shoved down my throat.

5. Smut. If I wanted to see porn, well, I don’t, so not going there.

6. High school drama. I hated and avoided it when I WAS in HS. Why do I want to read about it NOW?!

7. Unbelievable characters. Too perfect, too bad, etc. We’re going for human here, people.

8. Stalkers. Excluding Twilight cause I totally was in denial…

9. Beautiful Creatures. Just no. I struggled and forced myself to finish the first book. Got through the first chapter of two and COULDN’T DO IT ANYMORE.

10. Culture bashing. Can’t we all just get along? I really hate when the South is trashed. I know there are special kind of special people here, but get over yourself. You’re not perfect either!

What turns you off of a book? I’m very particular about what I read, but this list was still a bit difficult to make. I generally avoid books that have hints of these. Do you have a TTT post? Feel free to leave a link!

Happy October!


5 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #13: Book Turn-offs”

  1. Jaime Says:

    Great list, I especially agree with 1-4. I worked my way through the first two books of Beautiful Creatures and didn’t go any further, it wasn’t for me either.

  2. Lanaia Says:

    I totally agree with these, except for Beautiful Creatures which I haven’t read yet. I forgot to add “abuse” on my list, it’s a topic I don’t want to read about. Great list!

    My Top Ten Tuesday.

  3. Jen and Em Says:

    Great list. Cheating made mine too. I completely agree with how you feel about Beautiful Creatures. Although I couldn’t even finish the first one.

  4. TrishaDM Says:

    I agree with all of these… Except I surprised myself and kind of liked Beautiful Creature even though I don’t fully grasp why.

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