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Veteran’s Day Thoughts November 11, 2013

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Instead of my scheduled review, I decided to take a moment and post about Veteran’s Day. As some of you know, I am an Army National Guard wife. My husband has served our country since December 2004. He served overseas in Iraq in 2010. I come from a very military heavy family background like him. Both of our grandfathers served. His in the Navy and Air Force. Both of mine in the Army. One grandfather and great-grandfather of mine served in World War II. We’re very proud of our military heritage.

In today’s world, a lot of people criticise our military and that bothers me to no end. “Bullet catchers” is one of my least favourite things to see. You may not agree with where our military goes, Lord knows I don’t always agree, but after they sign on the dotted line, they go where they are TOLD not where they CHOOSE. Please remember that.

Not all wounds our veterans suffer from are visible. Think before you criticise. PTSD and TBI are things that are still only in the infancy of being understood and treated. My great-grandfather had “shell shock” when he came home from WWII. He was haunted by nightmares of the things he saw for the rest of his life. He once dreamed he was back in the trenches fighting with a German soldier and grabbed my Granny in a choke hold. She talked to him quietly until the nightmare passed. Any sudden moves and he could’ve snapped her neck. He was part of the 89th Infantry Division which helped liberate Ohrdruf Concentration Camp. Look it up sometime. It’s horrifying. Shortly before my Grandaddy died, I had on my husband’s Army sweatshirt when I was over to visit. He almost cried and begged me to tell Tim to get out when he could. He kept saying no one should see the horrors he saw. And no one should. I miss him everyday. We named our son after him.

Then, we told our veterans to man up and deal with it. Today, we know it’s much deeper than just being able to cope with things. Our veterans need help. They need our support. Our military families need support. Regardless of your politics, you should stand by our military and their families. Their sacrifices are what enable you to say, think, do the things you want. Our military’s sacrifices won our freedom and help maintain that freedom.

Sorry, not sorry for this post. I know it has nothing to do with what my blog is for. I read and review YA with the occasional adult book. Supporting the military is something that has ALWAYS been close to my heart and I just needed to talk about that today on here. Our country will be so much stronger when we put politics for personal gain aside. That’s a whole other can of worms that I don’t wish to get into. Our country will be so much stronger when we stand with our military. People were terrible to Vietnam vets and are now realising how huge of a mistake that was. I only hope we continue to learn from that mistake. Our military needs support. Thank a veteran. Smile at a military kid. Offer to help the military spouse juggling everything while his/her spouse is deployed. There is so much you can do. Any help and support is appreciated.

Thank you to all of our veterans. No matter their service. Never served overseas? Who cares. They still signed on the dotted line, willing to give their all. Former and current members of our military, this military loves and supports you.

*steps off soap box*



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