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Side Effects May Vary Launch Tour: My Bucket List March 14, 2014


side effects cover

Side Effects May Vary


by Julie Murphy


Coming: 18 March 2014


Publisher: HarperCollins, Balzer+Bray









What if you’d been living your life as if you were dying—only to find out that you had your whole future ahead of you?

When sixteen-year-old Alice is diagnosed with leukemia, her prognosis is grim. To maximize the time she does have, she vows to spend her final months righting wrongs—however she sees fit. She convinces her friend Harvey, whom she knows has always had feelings for her, to help her with a crazy bucket list that’s as much about revenge (humiliating her ex-boyfriend and getting back at her arch nemesis) as it is about hope (doing something unexpectedly kind for a stranger and reliving some childhood memories). But just when Alice’s scores are settled, she goes into remission.

Now Alice is forced to face the consequences of all that she’s said and done, as well as her true feelings for Harvey. But has she done irreparable damage to the people around her, and to the one person who matters most?

Julie Murphy’s SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY is a fearless and moving tour de force about love, life, and facing your own mortality.

About the author:

Julie Murphy Author Photo copy


Julie lives in North Texas with her husband who loves her, her dog who adores her, and her cat who tolerates her. When she’s not writing or trying to catch stray cats, she works at an academic library. Side Effects May Vary is Julie’s debut novel. Julie can best be found on her website (, tumblr (, or twitter (

side effects



Today, I am happy to be a part of Julie’s launch tour. In celebration of the publication of Side Effects May Vary, Julie asked us to share our own bucket lists. She said she’s often asked about hers in interviews and wanted to turn the tables. I’ve had a bucket list since high school and have proudly marked some things off, but since I still have the written original in my office, I’ll share the original and what I’ve added in the years. I’ll also tell some tales about the things I’ve marked off my list! I also have a massive Been There Done That/Bucket List page on pinterest:



The Original:


Tour Europe (every country)


Stand on every continent (Antarctica optional)


Attend all of the Tour of Champions the same year (I have been in the US, England, and France while the Opens were happening, but I’ve never been to an Open)


Get married (marked this off in Feb 2010)


Have a family (marked this off in 2011 and again in 2013)


Fall madly and deeply in love (marked this off in 2008)


Finish a manuscript (marked this off in 2009, but I have scraped that manuscript and am completely overhauling it!)


Be a published author (technically I could mark this off as I’ve had things published, but I mean a publish novelist haha)


Never stop loving life


Road trip across America (I’ve technically done this with my parents when I was young, but I don’t remember it and want to do it again and go to all 50 states)


Learn four new languages (I’m up to three! I know French and a few words in Spanish and Russian)



The additions:


Go to ALA Midwinter & TLA with my best friend Mary


Read all the books I own


Be the best mother I can be


Be the best wife I can be


❤ Meet Anderson Freaking Cooper ❤


Live to see cancer cured (leukemia in particular)


See my grandchildren


See my great-grandchildren


Have my children grow up with Harry Potter


Raise readers





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  1. Alyssa Zech Says:

    I love bucket lists! And bucket lists on Pinterest 🙂 thanks for sharing yours

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