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Tot Time Thursday #1: Ladybug Girl Feels Happy by David Soman and Jacky Davis May 15, 2014

“Tot Time Thursday” is a weekly event hosted by Punk & Bug, here, on The Whimsical Mama. They showcase some of their favourite children’s books. This week’s book is:


Pub date: 6 September 2012
Publisher: Dial
Genre:Children’s book, picture book
Format: hardcover, via public library


New York Times bestselling Ladybug Girl explores the concept of emotions in this adorable board book

Ladybug Girl feels all different kinds of things–happiness when playing with Bingo, fear when there is loud thunder, and excitement when Grandma comes to visit. This concept board book for the youngest Ladybug Girl fans explores these emotions and more with Lulu and Bingo.

Mama’s questions & Kids’ thoughts (Punk – red, Bug – purple):

Do you feel happy when you play with Sheldon (Grammy’s dog) & Maggie (our dog)?

YES! Throw the ball to Sheldon!

*claps and squeals* SHEL SHEL SHEL!


What makes booboos better?

Mama kiss it better! I have a booboo on my leg too!

*blows kisses*


Do you love when your grandparents visit? What do you like to do with them?

Yes! Grammy – play with Sheldon. Papaw – go for rides. Skipper – Go fishing! Grandma & Pa – play cars!

*runs to door and gets upset grandparents aren’t here*


What do you do when you’re scared?

I scared of thunder. I stay in bed. I eat goldfish. Sissy go to bed!

*hides her face*


Do you like playing with sissy?

YES! We play soccer ball. I read to sissy. I love sissy.



What do you like most about reading?

Read dogs! (Go, Dog, Go!) Go to “libary!” We go “libary” now?

*claps and squeals* *brings another book*


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