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Top Ten Tuesday #44: Blogging Confessions July 8, 2014


Each week, the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish think up a fun theme for the week and participating bloggers around the net join in. The theme for this week is:

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

Today’s time to fess up about some things. I did this as a rewind a few months ago and you can find it here. We’ll see how many more I can come up with!

1. I can be an awful library patron. If I have fines, they’re MASSIVE fines. I paid off a $30+ fine earlier this year. Painful. Happens when you check out the 20 book max and then don’t make it back to the library on time…  after you’ve rechecked books out the max number of times.

2. As well as still having a book buying problem, I have an ARC downloading problem. *HarperTeen adds new books on EW* *I download THEM ALL* Yup. It’s bad.

3. I go on kicks of being super organised and ahead on blogging and then scrape to get a post up on time. You’d think as a SAHM, I would know how to balance my time by now. Nope. I get comfortable and lazy when I’m ahead and then it leads to being behind and scrambling. ALWAYS.

4. I don’t judge readers on what they read. I’m just happy you’re reading. Unless it’s 50 Shades. Then I hate away. That is total crap. UGH. *hates on my mom for reading AND owning it*

5. It drives me BONKERS when a series has a cover redesign halfway through a series (I’m looking at YOU Artemis Fowl).

6. I often get discouraged over blog views/followers. There are days that I feel like I put so much work into blogging for no real reason.

7. I write reviews and almost every other post in a notebook weeks in advance. It’s just a struggle to get them typed up. (Which leads to number 3)

8. I still use Amazon even with the publisher vs Amazon showdowns going on. I buy indie when I can, but in order to afford more books for personal use and giveaways, sometimes that’s a luxury I can’t afford. Sorry, not sorry.

9. I love reviewing almost all the books I read, but sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. Like now. I have at least 8 reviews that need to be written.

10. I want to have a library that rivals Belle’s. I’ve already told hubby that when we re-do downstairs, I want as many bookshelves/book cases as possible in our office.

Wow. Somehow I managed to still come up with 10 even after already doing this recently. What are your confessions?


3 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #44: Blogging Confessions”

  1. ChrissiReads Says:

    I sometimes get discouraged my blog views/stats as well. I feel like I put a lot into my blog, but I try to remember why I blog… enjoyment of the books and wanting to share the book with others! 🙂 Great confessions!

  2. AlyssaZ Says:

    Number 3, 4, & 7 are EXACTLY me! Those are the ones that I would have to include on my confessions list

  3. […] so blown away that it’s my blogoversary! Okay, it was actually yesterday. You know how in my confessions on Top Ten Tuesday mentioned either way ahead or scrambling on posts? Well, this week has been a […]

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