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Site Policies July 31, 2013

Site Policies

If you disagree with any of my policies, don’t feel obligated to continue to return to read my blog. Read if you wish, don’t return to read if you wish, it is YOUR choice. That being said, here are my policies.

Review Policies

1. Any book oriented postings are my words and my own opinion unless it is a posted summary supplied by the publisher or found on Goodreads. I may or may not continue to post the actual approved and published summary.
2. Any review that is posted is in my own words and is my own opinion. I am not compensated by the publisher, authors, publicist, anyone involved with the creation of the book. If I review a book, I’ve either decided to review it prior to reading the book or decided during the course of reading to write a review.
3. I am a mama of two small children and money is tight, it is most likely to be assumed that the copy I review is from the public library. After that, it is likely I received the book:

  • As a personal gift given by friends or family
  • As a prize won in a giveaway
  • As a personal copy purchased myself
  • As a copy to review from the author, publisher, etc.

4. The only time you’ll see a review of a book that is less than favourable will be if I decided at the beginning of the reading process to review. I keep notes through the reading process when I’m going to review and I’m not going to spend that time to take notes and then it be for nothing. That being said, I will not up and decide to give a bad review just to give a bad review to something. I want to encourage people to read, not to turn them off of reading.  Some reviews may be longer than others. It all depends on how the book struck me.

5. I will be reviewing on the Goodreads rating system. If you are unfamiliar with that rating system it is as follows

  • 1 star – I disliked this book
  • 2 stars – This book was okay
  • 3 stars – I liked this book (The majority of my books will be this rating because I read A LOT of kids’ books as I have two small children)
  • 4 stars – I really liked this book
  • 5 stars – Oh wow, my mind is blown, I am 100% over the moon in love with this book. (Don’t expect a lot of these)

6. If a book cover is posted, it is the edition I am reading or own and is from Goodreads or Amazon.

Yes, I review and approve all comments. I didn’t even want to fool with the chance of someone ruining the fun. If there is abusive/foul language in it, I will not approve it. If the comment is spam or completely out of context, I will not approve it. If it is accidentally posted on the wrong page (as I have had done) it’s okay and I will approve it as long as it is not full of foul language or out of context to the post it was meant to be on. Please don’t advertise, your comment will not be approved. The exception to this is if it is a topic post and you are linking to your post of the same topic or if it is a review and you are linking to your post of the same review.



Unless stated differently, I am running the giveaway. I will run my giveaways through Rafflecopter.

– Prizes will most likely come from Amazon or Book Outlet and occasionally Books a Million or Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, even less likely from Mr. K’s. Sometimes they may be a used (but in good condition) copy. Whatever the case of the giveaway, you’ll have to decide what your feelings are for the chance of winning a new or used book.

– I WILL verify all entries. Please, don’t cheat. I don’t want to have to ban you from entering giveaways. If I find out you’re cheating, I will disqualify you. I reserve the right to disqualify any entry that violates my policies. False entries include: not following via Twitter, bloglovin’, email, or WordPress yet selecting those options on the Rafflecopter. I will check that for each tweet about giveaway you indeed tweet each time. Do NOT use the same tweet link every time. You will be disqualified. Do NOT use multiple accounts if you don’t legitimately follow with them. That isn’t fair to others.

– I will NOT sell personal information. Your mailing address will be used strictly to mail any prizes won. I do not require you give any personal information other than a confirmation of US if it is a US only giveaway. (I also will not share your personal information with ANYONE without your consent.)

– I will select a winner as soon as possible after a giveaway ends. Once notified, the winner has FORTY-EIGHT (48) hours to respond. After that time has elapsed and no response has been received, I will select another winner. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM. It happens.

– If I host for an author/publisher, I will pass along the required information for you to receive your prize. (Your entrance into the giveaway is consent for this information to be passed on.)

– I will ship via USPS Media Mail. I also will use tracking and give you the tracking number once I have it. Lost prizes will be judged on a case by case situation to reach a decision to replace it.

– Entrants must be 13 years old or older. Entrants under 18 must have parental consent to enter.

– If the giveaway is international, it is open to the countries that Book Depository delivers to for physical copies. E-book/gift card giveaways will be determined at the time of the giveaway and will be stated with the giveaway.

– No giveaway accounts! Your entries WILL be disqualified.

Please don’t cheat. Just don’t do it. If you cheat, you will be disqualified and barred from all future giveaways. Books are wonderful, but they aren’t worth cheating the system for it.


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