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Waiting on Wednesday #38: Oceanborn by Amalie Howard July 9, 2014


Waiting on Wednesday” is a weekly event hosted by Jill at the Breaking The Spine. It showcases upcoming releases we’re anticipating!


 My pick of the week is:

Oceanborn (The Aquarathi #2)

 By: Amalie Howard

 Coming: 29 July 2014

 Publisher: Harlequin Teen


The coronation is over.

But the battle has just begun.

Nerissa Marin has won her crown. But can she keep it? Already, her ties to the human realm are driving a wedge between Nerissa and her people. When word arrives that her part-human prince consort, Lo, has been poisoned, she makes the difficult choice to leave Waterfell and return landside. As the royal courts debate her decision, even more disturbing rumors surface: a plot is rising against her, led by someone she least expects.

On land, Nerissa learns another shocking truth: Lo does not remember who she is. As her choice to try to save him threatens her hold on her crown, changing loyalties and uncertainty test her courage in ways she could never have imagined. Nerissa will have one last chance to prove herself as a queen …and save the undersea kingdom she loves.


Why I’m excited:

 OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!!!!!! I absolutely adore Amalie. She’s so sweet and wonderful. I discovered her during the 2013 Fall YASH and I’ve never looked back. I won her giveaway for a signed ARC of Waterfell. I read it. I LOVED IT! I raved about it. I still rave about it. OH MAN. Rissa is a great character and don’t even get me started on Lo. BTW. Dibs. DIBS DIBS DIBS. Lo is MINE. *glares* Anyway. I’m so excited to see where the action picks up. OMG I NEED IT NOOOOOOOOW. It’s even worse knowing I have a copy heading my way from Amalie. The wait is excruciating. I just read Seamonster over the holiday weekend and adored it as well. Keep an eye out for my review and a giveaway coming up in the next few weeks. (: Reading it only made it worse. I MUST KNOW MORE!!!


Why I need you to be excited:

 Sea aliens. Drama. HOT GUYS. Yes. Guys. Well. Guy cause Lo is off limits cause he is MINE. IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME! I could go on and on about why you need to read this book. But I won’t. Just do yourself a favour and order Waterfell and Oceanborn. Just do it. DO IT. I NEED YOU TO GET PUMPED UP FOR THE AWESOMENESS!!!! *flails everywhere* THREE MORE WEEEEEEEEKS!!!


*Review* My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris June 24, 2014

***I was given a ebook copy to celebrate the book release in exchange for an honest review & to help boost sales. Thanks, Rachel!***   

***As always mild spoilers may follow***

Rating: 4 stars
Pub date: 21 April 2014
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: ebook provided by the author
Status: companion in the My Sweet Sixteenth Century series

Cat Crawford just wants to be normal—or at least as normal as a daughter of Hollywood royalty can be. And it looks like fate is granting her wish: she’s got an amazing boyfriend, Lucas; her fabulous cousin, Alessandra, living with her; and her dad planning his second marriage to a great future stepmom. That is, until her prodigal mother reveals on national television that she has something important to tell her daughter…causing a media frenzy.

Lucas Capelli knows his fate is to be with Cat, and he’s worked hard to win her over once and for all. Unfortunately, Lucas has his own issues to deal with, including a scandal that could take him away from the first place he’s truly belonged.

As secrets are revealed, rumors explode, and the world watches, Cat and Lucas discover it’s not fate they have to fight if they want to stay together…this time, it’s their own insecurities.

Well, and the stalkerazzi.


My thoughts:
While I really enjoyed My Not So Super Sweet Life, it didn’t fully capture me the way My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century and A Tale of Two Centuries did. I was excited to see the romance bloom between Lucas and Cat. Rachel, once again, did a spectacular job showing the ups and downs of young love. Young love is never easy and Rachel shows it that beautifully. She also does a great job balancing the you never forget your first love with moving on and growing up romantically.

What killed it for me was Cat’s behaviour. All her life she’s watched her mother only do things that were great for her. Suddenly she’s interested in being mother of the year? It may be the age and no tolerance for BS talking, but Cat’s reactions really got under my skin. It really upset me with how she started treating Jenna once mommy dearest reappeared too. Jenna had been more of a mother in a few months than Cat’s biological mother her whole life. Just no. You don’t do someone like that. I chalk it up to being a teenager. We all do crazy things in one way or another. Rachel did a great job on keeping the emotions running high over the mama drama though! Rachel’s writing was still spot on, the displeasure was entirely on character actions for this!

I liked the addition of Ransom, but he definitely didn’t feel as fleshed out as he could have been. Here’s to hoping for his own companion book. *hint hint* Rachel *hint hint*

For some reason, the pacing seemed a bit erratic compared to My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century and A Tale of Two Centuries. I would’ve liked the pace to be more consistent and a longer book. Something just felt off with the pacing and length. (Rachel just told me it was more of an extended novella than novel, so that makes more sense now. I still would like more though! (; lol)

I was sorely disappointed with not seeing more of Less. With their relationship, I would’ve pegged it as perfection for Cat to turn to Less as well as Lucas. I was hoping for a little double date action, too! Rats! I also think more interaction with Less would’ve solved the length issue. It just felt weird to have her disappear after fighting so hard to stick around.

I liked getting to see in Lucas’ head. I enjoy getting a guy’s perspective every now and then! Especially in a drama filled book like My Not So Super Sweet Life! I know how a girl thinks, it’s nice to see how a guy thinks/reacts to situations. (: Lucas’ perspective was refreshing.

Overall, I enjoyed My Not So Super Sweet Life and it was a quick read. It wasn’t Rachel’s best, but I always know I’m in for a treat when her name is attached to the writing! Witty snarkiness and swoony guy action, really, what more do you need in a fun, quick read? (:

About the author:

Award-winning and Bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls next door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Emotion, vibrant settings, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books…and kissing. Lots of kissing.

An admitted Diet Mountain Dew addict and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romance, and LOVES talking with readers.

Street Team:…


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Please Be Kind, Rewind: 13 – 19 April 2014 April 19, 2014

Wow. Another great week! (: I knocked out three books, two of which were ARCs! (: Two of them were great, and the other wasn’t the best. Now I’m at a loss on what I want to read next, haha. I have reviews lined up all the way through the middle of June now. I’m super happy with that. Now, maybe, if I have a hit the wall moment like I did in January, it won’t completely kill my momentum. I’m really enjoying not worrying about any kind of schedule as far as reading. I also went through my eARCs this week and culled the ones I’m not interested in anymore or attempted and they weren’t as great as I was hoping. That helped A LOT. I don’t feel as stressed per se. I wasn’t stressed, but I was just worried about disappointing people for not reading ALL THE BOOKS. Now, I’m not and I’m much happier and knocking through books quicker. I have more giveaways coming up soon, so if you didn’t win the signed copy of Incarnate, never fear! (:

The Falconer by Elizabeth May (ARC) 5 stars.

Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols (ARC) 5 stars

Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier (audiobook)3 stars.

Currently Reading:

The Everything Mother Goose Book by June Rifkin (yes, we’re still working on it!)

Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone by JK Rowling (audiobook)

Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier (audiobook)



Read to the Kiddos:

Breathe by Scott Magoon

Pinkalicious The Pinkerrific Playdate  by Victoria Kann

Spot Loves His Grandma by Eric Hill

Spot Loves His Mommy by Eric Hill

Cleo on the Move by Stella Blackstone

All the Ways I Love You by Dorothea DePrisco

Emergency! by Margaret Mayo

Thomas’ 123 Book by Wilbert Awdry

New to my shelf:

Breathe by Scott Magoon (Many thanks to Scott and SimonKids!)

Dark Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore (Thanks Hyperion Teens!)

From the library:
Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage by Tanya Biank

Undaunted by Tanya Biank


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