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Friday Feasts #1: Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Salad June 10, 2016

For the introductory post of Friday Feasts, I started with what turned out to be a four for four family pleaser! This recipe is from HelloFresh and can be found here.

Photo credit: HelloFresh

Doesn’t that look yummy? Sadly, my pictures don’t look as good as this one. I need to practice food photography a bit! haha. (Right picture, my final product!)

The really great thing about HelloFresh is that they send you EVERYTHING you need for the meal except the absolute basics (salt, pepper, butter, olive/vegetable oil). It’s great! I’m all about avoiding extra time at the grocery store, especially with the kiddos with me! The ingredients are shipped in a white box, like picture one. The meat is separate from the box, but I throw it in to keep it all together in the fridge. The right picture shows all of the ingredients needed for this meal that was in the box. Everything is shipped in a big box with ice packs to keep things cold. If you happen to be out when the box arrives, there’s no fear of spoilage! We’ve actually kept a few of the ice packs cause they’re super convenient instead of filling bags of ice or buying new ones to replace our old ones.

The directions are simple and easy to follow. Included in the box with all of the food are cards with the recipes on them. They are also available on their website and in their app. Their app is available in the Apple Store and Amazon Store. I use an iphone and a kindle fire, so those are the only two platforms I know. You can keep track of your subscription and select your boxes from the app!


I owe a lot to HelloFresh for this meal! It got both of the kiddos to try spinach, and Punk discovered he loves spinach! Yes, there’s broccoli on my plate. I do not like spinach and added cooked broccoli to my plate. Some of the ingredients I had on hand, so I was able to double the chicken ad turn this into a family meal. We have the Classic box subscription because Punk and Bug are still on the picky side. Some meals easily stretch for the four of us without me having to add to them, which is really nice! I always double check the recipe before deciding when to do a box if it is something we think the kiddos will enjoy. This is definitely a keeper meal that I plan on cooking again. You also can easily modify this to suit your family’s salad preference. This was one of our first meals we cooked, so we elected to follow the recipe to see if the basic meal they send is something we would like. I definitely would modify this to include a full salad next time!

I always have a referral code to HelloFresh which takes $40 off of your first box! The code is:



I also occasionally get some boxes that I get to give away for free. Keep an eye out on my Twitter (@armywife2310) for your chance to snag a free box! (New subscriptions only)

What do you think of the Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Salad? Does it look like a recipe you would be willing to try?


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